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Our Coffee

We are very fortunate to have some of the best local Coffee Roasters right here in southern NH.  Fat Daddy's Cafe uses the best of the best coffee beans from multiple local roasters so the variety of coffee you get at Fat Daddy's is second to none.  We carry a variety of medium and dark roast single origin coffee's, a variety of special blends some of which are organic and some Kosher.  All giving our customers a wide variety to choose from, we will definitely have something for every coffee drinker.

Fat Daddy's House Blend: This was specially blended for us using medium roasted beans from Mexico and Brazil (Organic)

Fat Daddy's Mo-Ja: This is one of the oldest known blends of Sumatra (dark roast) and a bright and fruity Ethiopian (medium roast) beans (Organic)

Fat Daddy's Decaf: This is a delicious medium roasted Mexican decaf bean (Organic Fair Trade)

Fat Daddy's Hazelnut: This is a medium roasted Mexican bean flavored with just the right amount of Hazelnut

Fat Daddy's Dark Roast Blend: Our 3 bean blend of Sumatra (dark) Indonesian Java (dark) and Costa Rica (medium). This is a favorite of a lot of dark roast drinkers

Fat Daddy's Espresso Blend: What can I say about this! We have the best Espresso blend, used in all of our Espresso drinks

Fat Daddy's Decaf Espresso Blend: Same as above only decaffeinated for our non-caffeine drinkers.

Fat Daddy's Sumatra: A dark roasted single origin coffee bean, very bold and robust with a rich, powerful flavor. Heavy bodied with a lingering finish make this one of our most popular coffees. This is for the serious dark roast coffee drinker

Fat Daddy's Ethiopian: A medium roasted single origin bean, if you love a great smooth flavorful coffee this is for you (Organic Fair Trade)

Fat Daddy's Guatemala: A medium roasted single origin bean, smooth mild hint of citrus and sweet, one of my wife's favorites

Fat Daddy's Papua New Guinea: A superb medium roast and medium bodied coffee. Very smooth and creamy with a slight chocolate aftertaste

Doing business with other local small businesses is what we are all about

Local Roasters we use: A & E Coffee Roastery, Amherst NH and King David Coffee Roasters, Nashua NH
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